Welcome to The Miscarriage Manual, a place that explores love, loss, hope and heartbreak through miscarriage.

In the last 13 months I’ve suffered four miscarriages at different stages of pregnancy from six to 12 weeks.

When my first miscarriage happened, I had no idea about what was supposed to happen next. This was one of the most devastating things to happen to me so surely there would be some medical support for me right? How was I meant to feel – was I supposed to be this devastated? Could I tell people? What about work, will they be angry to know that I’m on the “mummy track”?

I had so many questions but there are already some fantastic baby loss bloggers out there and their writing reassured me that everything I felt was normal. I hope by adding my voice I can do the same for at least one person.

If you’re here because you’ve experienced baby loss, I’m so sorry. There are very few things that will bring you comfort but I want you to know that I see you.

If you’re here and you haven’t experienced baby loss, then thank you. Miscarriage is so exhausting but it means the world when you have friends who want to understand what you’re going through. I hope this blog gives you the insight you need to support your friends and family.

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